CEIA THS 21E Metal Detection Systems offer detection, construction quality and reliability characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution to automatic elimination of metal contaminants. Fully HACCP and GMP compliant, CEIA Metal Detectors are manufactured according to ISO 9001 certified Quality System using EC and FDA approved materials.

Multi-frequency technology (3F version)

The Multi-Frequency Technology allows maximum sensitivity for detection of contaminating metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic and including high-resistivity stainless steels, to be maintained.
An automatic selection function allows the Metal Detector to choose the optimum frequency for the product in transit during the autolearn phase.
The automatic tracking function eliminates any further variations due to the “Product Effect”. The wide pass band of the Metal Detector allows operation at maximum sensitivity at both slow and fast speeds.
The digital analysis of the signal provided by the antenna allows the user to achieve extremely high sensitivity, immunity to interference and operational stability.
The THS/G21E series is designed to inspect powders, granules and other loose materials transported in free-fall through tubes and pipelines.
When fitted with a deflector, the THS/G21E becomes a system that detects and removes any contaminating metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic.
Digital analysis of the signal provided by the antenna allows extremely high levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and operational stability to be achieved. The very high detection speed of the THS/G21E allows the contaminated portion of product to be removed without slowing down the production flow.
Alternatively, when mounted on a packaging machine, the THS/G21E system is able to send a command to produce a double bag around the contaminated product. This can later be identified and removed from the production cycle automatically.
The system is designed to communicate with external control systems, either connected directly or via a communications network.

FDA 21 Part 11 compliant

The THS 21E Metal Detector Series is a high-sensitivity, high-precision measuring instrument. The data relating to each detection and ejection are stored in an events memory and certify production quality, the inspection itself and programming operations, as well as the periodic functional test phases using standard test samples.
FDA Code Title 21 Part 11 prescribes rigorous criteria for access to programming and computer data protection which have been fully adopted in the CEIA THS 21E Series firmware. The requirements regarding Security, Integrity and Traceability are therefore satisfied.

Exclusive global auto-learn system

The THS 21E Series employs an exclusive Auto-Learn system for food products which provides simultaneous maximum sensitivity to all metals starting from a single learning transit. The system allows optimization of the detection sensitivity to all metals with the maximum speed and precision, equivalent to hundreds of conventional learning transits: these results in levels of precision and efficiency have never been obtained before.
For products with changing or varying product signal after autolearn, the THS 21E Series includes an advanced autolearn function that runs in the background, to capture this product signal during normal production while still detecting metal. When the recording is ended, the operator has the option to analyze the data immediately, or wait until a later time when the line is stopped so as not to interrupt production. The data that was added during the background autolearn is analyzed, along with the original autolearn data, and the detection parameters are modified in order to also cancel the varying product signal.

Automatic verification of the installation quality and environmental compatibility

THS 21E Series introduces new tools for the installation and maintenance technicians which allow them to measure the environmental compatibility of the Metal Detector.
The measurements include general mechanical and electromagnetic environmental compatibility, specific electromagnetic compatibility and the automatic examination of the degree of metal interference from the conveyor belt.
This latter function becomes even more important when the high level of sensitivity of the THS 21E Metal Detector Series is taken into consideration.

BT wireless communication Connectivity

In the THS/21 Series, local connection to the maintenance technician’s computer no longer requires physical access to the interior of the detector or the use of unwieldy connection cables. The BT wireless communication connection can be used for programming, monitoring of the signals via the CEIA MD-Scope program and the transfer of the data contained in the Metal Detector’s events memory.

Network Communication Capabilities

The Metal Detector can be linked to an Ethernet network (optional IXC module required). In association with the THS Production Plus Software it enables remote management of production, collection of all technical and operational events, generation of statistical and traceability reports in compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements.


Software Diagnostic Package complete with connector cable and hardware key:

  • Remote programming
  • Signal input/output
  • Alarm threshold and amplitude of the signal
  • Oscilloscope functionalities

THS Production Plus

  • Connects and Acquires Data from Multiple THS Detectors via Ethernet LAN
  • Provides Connection to an External Database and Definition of a Programmable Block of SQL Instructions for each Metal Detector Event
  • Enables Data Base Management and Back-Up of Metal Detector events
  • Report Data Exportable in HTML and CSV format
  • Provides User Authentication and Manages Electronic Signatures and Records
  • Allows Data Integrity and Operator Auditing
  • FDA Requirements Compliant, Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • Email sender

IXC Module

  • Gateway to THS Production Net Management System
  • Integrated Web-server
  • Dual 100base-T Ethernet
  • Dual Full Speed USB interface
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • 100.000 events internal data logger
  • Additional web-server functionality

Web-Server Interface

  • Built-In MD SCOPE. The MD Scope functions (including oscilloscopes) are available to every user connected to the Metal Detector via Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Status. Replicates every message displayed by the THS (updated each 5 s).
  • Products. Displays the list of products stored into the THS memory, the selected product is shown in green. This page allows the product to be changed.
  • Products Export. Allows selection of all or part of the products stored in the THS memory in order to export them.
  • Products Import. Allows importation of all or part of the products exported.
  • Buffer Export. Allows exportation of events occurred in a selected time frame.
  • Configuration Backup/Restore. Allows backup or restoring of the connected system configuration.
  • Configuration Export/Import. Allows the configuration to be exported or imported from other Metal Detectors of the same model, installed on the same system.

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